Memorable Advertising with Huge Balloons

Huge Balloons = Memorable Advertising

Need to attract attention and new customers to your business or event? Huge balloons are a proven, cost effective means to do that! We manufacture huge balloons for advertising in the USA. Very Effective – Very Inexpensive!

These days, advertising takes all kinds of outrageous forms. It seems that everyone in advertising is looking to outdo the rest with the biggest, best and brightest advertising. Huge balloons are one such form of larger than life, memorable advertising. You frequently see them gracefully drifting above carrying a message for all to see. People from all walks of life – businesses, churches, political figures – are jumping on the huge balloon bandwagon to get their message across. A huge balloon is an item of interest and curiosity. People will talk about it and remember it for some time to come. When coupled with events like carnivals, fairs and political rallies, news of an attractive promotional balloon with a catchy message will be spread by word of mouth for a very long time.

huge 7 ft. balloon for advertising

Huge 7 ft. balloon for event advertising.

  • 4.5 ft. huge balloons – $109.00
  • 6 ft. huge balloons – $169.00
  • 7 ft. huge balloons – $269.00
  • 8 ft. huge balloons – $339.00
  • 10 ft. huge balloons – $431.00

Any message you wish can be emblazoned across the surface of an inflated huge balloon. Once it has been properly decorated, the balloon is transported to an easily seen place to spread the word. Here are 4 tips to follow on getting the most memorable huge balloon to spread your message:

1. Get the right size balloon. If your balloon dwarfs your event, it will be hard for people to focus on the message. Likewise, if it is too small or too far away, it will not have a good impact.

2. Remember, colors make a statement! Think about the purpose of your event and whether or not there are colors that would tend to support or detract from your message. Avoid choosing strange colors or colors without enough contrast. This will make it hard for people to see what you have to say.

3. Keep it simple! You may think it would be cute to get a very intricate or complicated style of huge balloon, but actually, this will just detract from your message.

4. Choose your huge balloon manufacturer carefully. Hire a manufacturer who uses high quality balloons and screening and printing equipment. You don’t want your message to be blurry, to fade quickly or be washed off by an unexpected shower.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on huge balloons!

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Huge Balloons For Events

Huge Balloons For Events

Parades, public celebrations, carnivals, fairs and birthday parties are some of the primary events where huge balloons are used as a part of the festivities. Giant balloons are not only used for festive occasions they’re also used to advertise businesses, to promote motion pictures and for certain holidays such as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

Giant balloons can be designed in a number of ways and they’re also manufactured to look like cartoon characters and heroic figures. Animals, appliances, electronic devices and other everyday items can all be created in the form of a large balloon. Basic sphere shaped balloons are primarily used for advertising and other shapes might include squares or spheres. Advance computer technology also allows balloon manufacturer to create any type of design that a customer can imagine. Many of the larger sized balloons are filled with helium and in some cases hot air in order to make them float. Large helium filled parade floats must be anchored with some type of fastener in order to keep them from floating away.

Cold-air is also used for large inflatable balloons that will remain on the ground and not in the air. Many large sized balloons are also created to withstand the weather and ripping apart. Most of the materials that are used to create large helium filled balloons made out of durable nylon and plastic materials. These materials have to be light enough to allow the inflatable to float. Hot-air balloons that are used for advertising typically have propane tanks that shoot flames into a gas bag which is designed to lift the balloon into the atmosphere once the air is heated. Coatings such as silicone and polyurethane are used to make the balloon air resistant. Huge balloons also come in a variety of sizes but most are not larger than 70 feet tall. Many large sized balloons are rented and when they’re done serving their purpose they can be deflated and stored away to be used at a future date.

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Huge Balloons

Huge Balloons

What in the world can you do with huge balloons?

Increase Visibility!

Increase Traffic|

Increase Sales!

Well, you can have a huge amount of fun with them! Children of all ages have a blast playing with huge balloons. These fun, inflatable giants are available in a variety of colors and shapes, as well as sizes. There are round ones, heart shaped ones, and long ones that are shaped like blimps. We manufacture huge balloons and advertising inflatables!

huge balloons - heart shape

Huge Balloons – 25 ft. Heart Shape cold-air balloon.

These giant balloons are a great way to attract attention in a non-interrupting way. People have to look at the huge balloons!

There are even huge balloons that you can climb into! Imagine the fun that can be had with a balloon like that at your kid’s next birthday party. Huge balloons can range from twenty inches in diameter to an enormous fourteen feet around! Now that is one huge balloon. These huge balloons have to be blown up with a small electric balloon pump. You can also purchase clips for holding the balloons in place. Huge balloons can be filled with regular air or helium. Of course these balloons come in a variety of bright colors, and some even have metallic finishes that really stand out and look awesome. You can buy huge balloons that made of either polyurethane, latex or Mylar. Polyurethane balloons are heavy duty and are reusable.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for huge balloons. Email

huge balloon - 7 ft. helium balloon

Huge 7 ft. Helium Balloon with logo – $533.00

  • 6 ft. Balloons – $169.00
  • 7 ft. Balloons – $269.00
  • 8 ft. Balloons – $339.00
  • 10 ft. Balloons – $471.00

They can be used for other occasions besides children’s birthday parties too. For example, baby showers or christenings, anniversary celebrations, and just about any occasion that calls for a party. These huge balloons can also be used to create incredible works of art. Be creative and come up with new and interesting ways to display huge balloons.

Huge helium balloons for parties

Huge balloons – Mylar party balloons

Many advertisers use huge balloons to advertise sales or special events. These balloons will always command attention wherever they are seen. You will love these huge balloons whether you are one or one hundred and one years old! How much fun can you have with huge balloons? You will never know just how much until you buy some huge balloons and find out for yourself. Want to try an advertising blimp? Click here for more information.

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Advertising Balloons For Sale

USA Made Advertising Balloons For Sale

Get stunning results using our polyurethane helium advertising spheres. We manufacture our blimps, inflatables and advertising balloons for sale.

USA made advertising balloons for sale
Many colors available! 5.5′ spheres from $249.00.

We have hundreds of marketing balloons and advertising blimps in stock.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information!

Our polyurethane balloons and blimps are easy to use and get immediate results. Your message 135 feet in the sky can be visible for miles. Your business or event will see traffic increases when using the balloon and the balloons are very affordable.

Current Prices as of 2019 for our Promotional Balloons

  • 5.5ft sphere: $249.00
  • 7.0ft sphere: $354.00
  • 8.5ft sphere: $495.00
  • 10.0ft sphere:$650.00

Email: for more information.

Our balloons and blimps are made of polyurethane which is 8 times more expensive per pound of material than PVC. 99% of the balloons and blimps you see online are made in China using PVC.

Our polyurethane material weighs about 1/3 of the weight of PVC , polyurethane retains helium 3 times better and is stronger. Your balloon or blimp is a one time cost but helium is an ongoing cost. Why buy a product that uses 3 times more helium even if you get it for a cheaper price?

USA made helium promotional sphere shape balloons
Helium Balloons for promotions, trade shows, and events from $249.00

Our balloons and blimps are very easy to use. The first time it may take you 10 minutes to fill and deploy your balloon or blimp. You’ll get to the point where you will fill and deploy your balloon in 5  minutes. We have advertising balloons for sale to fit almost any application.

Be aware of these 4 things to make sure you get a long life from your sphere shape or zeppelin shape helium inflatable:

tether your balloon or blimp in a location that allows it free movement without hitting anything,

bring the balloon/blimp down when it is windy,

tie your balloon so the tether line does not rub itself in two, and

tie your balloon or blimp in a location that an evildoer doesn’t cut the tether line.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on USA Made Advertising Balloons for Sale.



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Advertising Balloons Near Me

Where to Buy Advertising Balloons Near Me

Need an advertising balloon? Our giant 5.5 feet in diameter and larger helium balloons are inexpensive and very effective.
Artwork and lettering on your promotional balloon or blimp will make it work for you. A plain balloon will grab someone’s attention but an advertising balloon with artwork will give them your message.

Our most popular size promotional balloon is our 7ft. in diameter ball for USD$354.00. Lettering or graphics is an additional charge.

Call us for a quote on your marketing balloon.

Our balloons are made out of the best material available for helium promotional balloons. We use polyurethane which is lightweight, strong, has the best color and sheen retentive properties and holds helium better than any comparable product. We started using polyurethane because we needed the best for our rentals.

Get the best marketing balloon for the same price as balloons made from inferior material such as pvc. We have hundreds of helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps in stock!

advertising balloons near me - 5 1/2 feet in diameter helium advertising balloon
Advertising Balloons Near Me from $249.00
buy USA made advertising balloon near me
Buy Ad Balloons Near Me

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on our Made in USA products.

Promotional Balloons = Sales!

We would appreciate the opportunity to help in your project.

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