Advertising Blimps – Perfect Solution for Small Budgets

Advertising Blimps

Advertising blimps – the perfect solution to advertisers with small budgets.

Advertising blimps and other types of ad balloons are now a very popular form of advertising.

How did this form of adverting come about?
The idea of using giant blimps and huge balloons to advertise and promote products and services, was a result of the popular wrapping ads that are much in use today. Wrapping ads are extremely popular and they are a form of advertising in the open by the creation of billboards or by wrapping of objects.
But, wrapping ads is a very expensive form of advertising and thus, advertisers were looking for an option to it.

And so Advertising blimps were born!

11 ft. red advertising blimps

Advertising Blimps from $461.00

These huge blimps were seen as an economical form of advertising. It was so economical, that it was affordable by medium sized, as well as small companies. In fact, one of the biggest benefits from making use of these balloons lies in the money itself.
These ad inflatables are very good for advertisers who have small budgets as they cost no more than $350 – $400. But, the effect that they have on people passing by is just tremendous.

Great and funny Attention-Getters

These huge balloons have proved to be an awesome way and a funny one at that, to get the attention of people. All over the world, people of all ages just like balloons and when they see these giant balloons in the air, they are just thrilled at the sight.
Perhaps one of the major reasons why people simply love these giant ad blimps is because of the fact that they bring on ideas of parties, celebrations and holidays.
Definitely great for advertisers and marketers
In the world that we live in, people just hate looking at ads. But the fact that they enjoy looking at huge advertising balloons, gives advertisers a tremendous benefit – to capitalize on advertising their services and products.
If you are an advertiser – especially if you have a small budget to advertise your biz opportunity – then it make perfect sense for you to have the logo or the name of your company or the product or service you are offering – printed LARGE – across these big ad balloons. When you do this, you can be sure that loads of people are going to notice your biz and they will happily remember your biz, as they happily look at balloons. Thus, you can be very sure that Advertising blimps are definitely the ideal solution for you to advertise, especially if you have a small advertising budget.

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