Advertising Inflatables Take Sales To A New Height

Advertising Inflatables


THERE is an inevitable presence of this in a trade fair, an exhibition, a carnival or for a country fair for that matter. Yes in all these places there will be a giant presence of advertising inflatables. They will be oscillating like a giant pendulum atop from the tallest building in the area or from a large tree. Printed or painted across them will be a company logo or a brand in large letters that will attract the attention of all that have gathered in that place.

advertising inflatable - 16 ft. Wendy's Frosty cup shape inflatable

Advertising Inflatables Get Results!

Advertising inflatables are gaining popularity nowadays, for their ease of use, reach to the public and the relative cost effect as compared to the conventional advertising methods. They are the best choice when a specific audience is to be reached like the one who visits a trade fair or a carnival. It is also best suited for a launch campaign of a particular brand or a brand extension for a limited period. When aligning to go with the changing times, companies plan to change the logo it is the best way to announce to the public about this by deluging the city with advertising inflatables placed at strategic places in the city augmented by print ads in papers. Similarly mergers and acquisitions are also a good time to announce the same to the maximum viewers about that in the same way.

Advertising inflatables are easy to carry to the site in a deflated form fill them with the gas like helium which help them to rise high and then to tether them with strong ropes. Comparing to erect a billboard of that size is too costly as well as more manpower is needed. The height again is a definite advantage, which will be helping more people to notice the logo or the brand from far away.

advertising inflatables - Santa shape helium advertising inflatable

Giant Helium Advertising Inflatables Available

There are firms that manufacture, rent or sell giant balloons as per the need of the customers. When briefed about the requirement with little turnaround time these firms will come up with the balloon of the color, size and the brand/logo to go up to attract the viewers.

The best way to get an aerial view of the stadium and to add the effort of the ground cameras fixed in different places, giant advertising inflatables are a prominent presence in stadiums nowadays. There is a camera fixed to them securely and operated through remote for a zoom in and zoom out effect. In addition the firms that sponsor the game will get a good chance to get noticed by the thousands of spectators present in the stadium by advertising on that giant balloon.

The look and the attraction of the giant balloons are such that it made into the climax of a James Bond movie. If reaching maximum customers about a new brand or a logo, within a short time that too with cost effectiveness is what you are looking for then advertising inflatables are the best suited for you. Go ahead book one for your firm today to fly high from atop your office building.

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