Helium Supply Problem in USA

Helium Supply Problem in USA

There is currently a helium supply/distribution glitch in the United States.

There are hundreds of years supply of helium located in the USA that is known and much more that is unknown at this time.

The current disruption is by-in-large a self-inflected problem that should be relieved shortly. The US Congress has already taken steps to correct the problem which they initially caused. Helium supplies should return to near normal in the USA by September 2012 or soon thereafter.

Longer term there is a helium refinery coming online in Wyoming in 2013 and another plant in the Middle East scheduled for 2013 opening.

Also, Northern Arizona may hold the richest concentration of helium in the world. The current EPA administration has stopped the development of the source for more environmental tests. Hope a new administration will get this back on board and we can sell our plentiful helium worldwide.

For now, if you use huge balloons and advertising blimps for your promotions and advertising you should use balloons made of polyurethane, not PVC. Polyurethane balloons and blimps retain helium far better that pvc balloons and you can stretch your helium supply. Also, balloons made of polyurethane are much lighter so you can use a smaller size balloon or blimp and get the same effect.





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