Advertising Balloons Insure Maximum Visibility

Advertising Balloons

Advertising Balloons: Minimal Space Required for Maximum Promotional Visibility!

Anyone with a little experience can tell you that nothing gets the attention of potential customers like inflatable advertising products. How do you select which one is right for your business? Many businesses need the increased traffic that advertising inflatables bring, but a common concern is the space required to display it. There may not be a lot of open space in front of your office to showcase an advertising inflatable. Another consideration is the location of your business and the location of your customers; for example, if your business isn’t in a busy neighborhood and you are near a busy highway, you’ll need to focus more on attracting visibility from the highway and greater distances to get noticed. There is a solution for these circumstances: advertising balloons!

advertising balloon - 9 ft. helium balloon

Advertising Balloons Increase Sales

The air above your business is generally the most unused space to market your products and services, so why not take advantage of it? Advertising balloons can be tethered to float 120 feet in the air above your office so you will have a viewing audience for miles around. Sizes begin at 4.5 feet in diameter, then go up to 6 feet or more. The round ball shape is a popular choice because you can have your company logo, mascot and message of choice replicated on the sides in full color, exactly like the original design. There is plenty of room for creativity however; like advertising balloons in the shape of a tire for your automotive business, a diamond shaped balloon for your jewelry store, a friendly tooth shaped balloon for your dentist’s office, or the classic yellow smiley balloon that wishes everyone a nice day! The choice is entirely yours. These balloons are also rentable for short term events as well, if you only need a common design like a colorful “sale” balloon.

Advertising balloons will remain stable even in up to 15 miles per hour wind conditions. There is only one tethering line you need to secure generally, with a reel for ease of use. The balloons come in hot air balloons, cold air balloons, and the most popular helium balloons that guarantee your balloon to fly the highest. Cold air balloons are only recommended for those who have a foundation to display them on, and are very cost effective because they rely only on electricity to power the small fan that constantly blows air into the balloon. Hot air balloons are a little more involved to use, but hold their shape very well in the air due to the lower density of the inner hot air of the balloon as compared to the density of the surrounding colder air in the atmosphere. Helium balloons require a helium tank to fill, but fill within minutes with great results. Polyurethane balloons are very durable, and difficult to tear, making them a great alternative to PVC balloon material that has been known as a carcinogen. Some companies also make balloons in nylon materials if you prefer. Your advertising balloons withstand hundreds of hours of use in the sky, with a little proper care. Repair kits are available with your balloon as well to help you in case of an emergency. Advertising balloons are perhaps the most visible and unique attractions you can use to promote your business.

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