Giant Balloons Aid Shoppers

Giant Balloons

What do you look for when you go shopping?

Imagine that you are driving along and you spot this two-story tall fire-breathing dragon. Are you going to notice? You bet you are. You are going to want to know what is going on. You will probably stop just to see what this is all about.

giant balloon - dragon inflatable

Giant Balloons Get Attention!

That is what these companies are hoping for. They have just acquired the service of one of the giant balloons advertising companies.

The fire-breathing dragon is just one example of what you can do with giant balloons.
You can get giant gorillas, blimps, and smaller balloons that fit in front of the store. You can also get helium-filled balloons that rise above your store or lot. All these balloons have logos or messages on them to suit you.

What does your store sell? If it’s hamburgers, you can get giant ones that will surely attract a boatload of customers.

Does your store sell furniture? You can get a giant sofa to put out in the parking lot. That is sure to attract plenty of customers. You might also want a helium-filled balloon sailing fifty feet over your store.

The latest fad is dancing cell phones. Everyone has a cell phone so having one of these out front makes a lot of sense. These phones stand ten to twelve feet. They have flexible arms. A blower at the bottom feeds the balloon to keep it upright and at the same time, provides motion for the flex able arms.

Imagine a dancing ten-foot Nokia right there in front of your store.

These giant balloons come in a variety of shapes. You can get Santa for Christmas and pumpkins for Halloween. You can get just about anything and they will imprint your logo or message right on them.

You can get smiley faces and robots. You can even get inflatable costumes with portable fans that keep the balloon portion inflated and you cool. They also come in a variety of characters and objects from ice-cream cones to anything that suggests your store.
You might as well get with it and get to your nearest giant balloon store. There you will find what you need to greatly enhance your business advertizing.

If you don’t have a local store, you can order online and they will ship right to you. The prices vary depending on the quality and the size you want.

When it comes, hook up the air pump and watch your sales sour just like the balloon that is above your store.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for giant balloons!

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