Benefits of Advertising Inflatables in Business Promotions

Advertising Inflatables

The Benefits of Advertising Inflatables to Promote Your Business

When considering different ways to best advertise your business, you have a lot of choices. As the competition rises in your field, the time comes for you to be creative. Sometimes it’s not enough to get a billboard advertisement, or online advertisements, or even commercials, because many people are so used to these forms of marketing that they often get tuned out altogether. People generally know when and where they will see these advertisements, and generally are prepared to ignore them before they even see them in the first place. What can you do to avoid this dilemma? Try out an advertising market that is still developing and able to continually surprise the customer, the advertising inflatable balloon industry!

Advertising Inflatables Are Clever Promotions

Nothing makes a greater impact on potential customers than walking around a corner and seeing a 30 foot tall giant inflated balloon, custom made in the shape of your company symbol, a Christmas tree, or any one of a virtually unlimited number of designs. Not only in that moment will you get the attention of everyone who crosses your line of vision, but you will also hold their attention longer and generate interest instantaneously. Maybe they chuckle at the clever design, maybe they wonder if there’s a big sale going on, either way it doesn’t matter because the curiosity is what matters when you need to generate more traffic for your business. People will have a lasting impression of your company, and will remember you, which is exactly what you want to drive your sales.

Christmas tree shape advertising inflatable

Advertising Inflatables Get Results!

Types of Advertising Inflatables

There are different types of inflatable advertisements available, and the commonly called “advertising inflatable” is definitely the best choice for you if:
1) You are setting it up in an environment that can become moderately windy. The advertising inflatables come with cords that allow it to be tied down securely. Stakes come with it so you could even anchor the ends of the cords directly into the ground.

2) You need to attract people passing by from nearly a mile away. The advertising inflatables can be made up to 60 ft. high, making them visible to an entire neighborhood, and even visible from a highway.

3) You need something stationary, or that rotates very slowly. If your company logo is printed on the side of it for instance, you’ll want customers to be able to clearly read it. Advertising inflatables can make one complete rotation every 10 seconds if you want a little more attention.

Shamrock shape helium advertising inflatable

Helium Advertising Inflatables Get You Noticed!

Popular advertising inflatable designs include dinosaurs, beer cans or bottles, gorillas, patriotic symbols like eagles and Uncle Sam, and even replicas of modern trucks and sports cars. The beauty of working directly with the companies producing them is that you can be as creative as you want, and submit nearly any design you can imagine to them, and they will custom build an advertising inflatable balloon just for you, in your choice of color and size. If you have a limited budget, you can always rent a popular design for a fraction of the cost, and return it later after your big event has passed. If you purchase one, you have the added benefit of reusing it for up to 5 years or more. All you need for inflation is a helium tank, or for cold air advertising inflatables you would use a pump or blower instead, which can be provided for you. It only takes minutes to inflate your balloon, making setup easy. Choose giant balloons made from materials like high quality polyurethane, not PVC, as PVC has been classified by the EPA of the USA as a carcinogen and therefore detrimental to your health.

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